Food & Beverage

Digitizing food & beverage products for a safer future

Food & Beverage companies face increasing legislation requirements from authorities and increasing transparency and sustainability expectations from consumers. Kezzler addresses these core challenges with the same single platform. Delivering a proven scalable, agile, and cost-effective solution

Unique Kezzler product identities prevent fraud and parallel imports, allowing you to see exactly where your product is in the supply chain and enabling brand owners to talk directly with their end consumers. Authentication helps protect public health by ensuring consumers are purchasing genuine products.

  • Full traceability from source to consumer
  • Real-time inventory check down to batch level
  • Highly efficient recall capability
  • Fulfill legislative traceability requirements
  • Safe food exports
  • Data-driven consumer insights
  • Prevent food fraud
  • Prevent unauthorized distribution

Home & Personal Care

Protect brands, increase sales and engage with consumers

Know exactly what is happening to your consumer goods. Brand owners can protect against counterfeit products, create direct relationships with consumers and track products through the distribution chains.

With a rising variety of products to choose from, consumers are demanding more information than is shown on the label. Through our secure SaaS solutions, unique Kezzler product identities prevent fraud, allowing you and others to see exactly where your product is in the supply chain and enabling brand owners to talk directly and in real-time with their end consumers through augmented products.

  • Increase sales and build brand loyalty through consumer engagement
  • Enhanced customer insight
  • Context-aware and dynamic user experiences
  • Waste reduction
  • Prevent Counterfeits
  • Prevent Grey Import and Product Diversions

Serialized vegetables?

Kezzler delivers Farm-to-Fork Authenticate and Traceability System to Chinese National Agricultural Park

Kezzler enables RunHui Agriculture to secure their supply chain and protect well-known Chinese food products from counterfeits.

Life Science Products

Reduce complexities and meet regulatory requirements

Kezzler solutions enable Life Science companies to ensure visibility and control throughout the supply chain. By managing and tracking product data from manufacturer to consumer, companies ensure quality and regulatory standards are met.

Implementing Kezzler supply chain visibility solutions allow brands to manage risk and engage directly with end consumers to build trust and loyalty. Improve visibility on contract manufacturing operations and establish tools to incentivize sales in-store. Manage quality by tying claims and returns to production data.

  • Instant authenticity verification for consumers
  • Direct marketing channel to build brand loyalty
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Effective recall handling
  • Protect against illicit trade
  • Prevent Counterfeits

Agricultural Inputs

Technology for total supply chain management and control

The widespread use of sub-standard and counterfeit seeds, pesticides, insecticides and nutrients leads to the loss of millions of tons of food per year and has a direct impact on the livelihood of hundreds of thousands of farmers. By assigning individual products with unique, secure and traceable Kezzler identities, our technology makes the visibility of sales across distribution channels possible while providing a communication channel between farmers, distributors, and brand owners.

  • Provide tailored advice relevant to farmers’ location, climate, soil type, etc.
  • Protect against counterfeits
  • Prevent unauthorized distribution
  • Near-real-time insights on sales to improve planning and forecasting
  • Efficiently manage returns
  • Transparent, simple & easy incentive schemes
  • Ease omnichannel challenges introduced by agricultural e-commerce

Industrial Goods

Visibility from the factory floor to end customer

Unit level serialization is the first step to digitalizing supply chains. Follow your products from raw materials to end customers. Get deep insights into the flow through the entire product life-cycle. Enhance customer trust and engage end-users directly with your product. Let them check authenticity and provenance while being rewarded for their loyalty. Efficiently stop counterfeit products and illicit trade by securing your supply chain.

Customer engagement initiatives can be targeted towards different markets, providing tailored information on aspects such as warranty, safety instructions and maintenance.

  • Real-time manufacturing overview
  • Maintain control of authenticity throughout the supply chain
  • Efficiently manage product recalls and warranties
  • Channel diversion management
  • Effective channel sales incentives