Pengfei Zhang Director Pre-Sales and Delivery Asia, Kezzler


Kezzler announced today that they are set to strengthen their Asian operations by expanding in Singapore with the appointment of Pengfei Zhang as Director of Pre-sales and Delivery.

Kezzler announces further strengthening of its Asian operations

Kezzler strengthen our Asian operations by expanding in Singapore with the appointment of Pengfei Zhang as Director of Pre-sales and Delivery

The appointment follows increasing demand for serialization and traceability business and consumer engagement services in Asia. 

Prior to Pengfei Zhang´s appointment in Singapore, he was a Senior Engineering Architect at  Kezzler’s Headquarters in Oslo since July 2018. He joined Kezzler after 11 years with Schlumberger, where he was a Senior Software Engineer and Architect, based out of their Beijing R&D Center and Oslo Technology Centre.

The Singapore office is one of two service points Kezzler now has in the region, after the company proudly announced the opening of their first Chinese office in Beijing, back in July 2019. In addition to Singapore and China, Kezzler’s global network of offices also includes Norway, India, the USA and the Netherlands.

The global leader in serialization & traceability technologies has a long history of deploying solutions in Asia for major multinational brands across sectors ranging from fast-moving consumer goods and agricultural inputs to pharmaceutical products and luxury items.

Through the application of unique, secure and traceable codes to every product item, Kezzler helps companies overcome unauthorized distribution and the challenges posed by counterfeit goods, increase supply chain transparency, as well as supporting their consumer engagement efforts.

Brands that have deployed Kezzler’s solution in the region to date include FrieslandCampina, Reckitt Benckiser Group and Pfizer Viagra.

Kezzler’s CEO Christine Akselsen commented on the announcement, “We have the proven technology to secure supply chains and fight counterfeit products in Asian markets. With Asia being one of the fastest-growing consumer markets in the world, there is an increasing demand for us to expand in the region. Kezzler offers solutions to companies, protecting their brands and building trust with consumers. Our technology platform can save companies large amounts in lost revenue, gain supply chain insights, while keeping consumers safe.”

“We look forward to growing our work in the region further and building on 16 years of pioneering innovation in the industry, with the objective of solving real-world problems such as unauthorized distribution, changing regulatory requirements and the need to ensure traceability and sustainability throughout the supply chain,” Akselsen added.

Earlier this year Kezzler announced that over six billion products will carry its unique codes worldwide in 2019, with the company recording an average of four million API calls per day.

About Kezzler

Kezzler’s pioneering serialization technology is deployed to solve real world problems and opens up new opportunities for market leaders to digitize and future proof their business. Global brands trust Kezzler’s serialization solutions. Their unique Kezzler codes make over 6 billion product connections an everyday reality for their customers.

With over 16 years of experience pioneering serialization technologies, Kezzler’s solutions are used by global brands in multiple industries including fast moving consumer goods, food and beverage, agriculture, luxury, industrial, and pharmaceuticals.

Kezzler’s technology gives every item a unique, secure and traceable identity in the form of a code connected to a software platform designed for flexibility and scale. Its patented solutions are deployed by global companies worldwide to protect their brands, provide supply chain visibility and for engaging and connecting with consumers.